Chocolate and Cacao Beans… Daily medicine

Our History

The name Communal Uprising Chocolate blossomed out of a time of need...a culmination of a time of need... which we are in. Things are at a furvor politically, socially, environmentally, planetarily and though it seems tumultuous the lines of division are disappearing and we are remembering we come from one heart - a universal heart.
This time of change has made it increasingly apparent that the political climate is not arranged to help us. If we want to stay on this planet longer WE are going to have to make the steps necessary to change the path and find a balance with her. We will need if you will a Communal Uprising. The name came during a yoga class and I knew it fit. Nobody ever did anything alone, never had to. Whether guided by friends, family cohorts or the unseen we are all gracefully guided and capable and we are each and every one here to help.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

And I'm certain that it begins with heart, the journey back to it and the journey within. Cacao is here to help. The serotonin and oxytocin guide us out of Fight or Flight and into Rest and Digest sweeping our nervous systems clean with its natural attributes. Anandamide opens the heart. At last we see the ground beneath us and know we are connected to her. This opening actually builds new neurological pathways in the brain through these wonderful acquired taste of the bitter raw cacao. Once calmer and healthier, stable and growing again we can see we are a part of it all and be inspired to work with all our passion to bring balance back to the planet and represent her wishes for us - to feel provided for, to play nice, to connect, to rise up as a community, one big beautiful community.

Thank you for being here.

I could not adore you more and yet I know tomorrow I will.

My most gracious Namastes,

Shari Lynn Flam
and us


Mission Statement

Our mission is to open the hearts of the humans through the sacred cacao so that we may be turned toward the self-love that inspires a reconnection, healing, and balance with the planet.

Core Values

Everything that we do has a conscious love for the planet as obvious, as the essence of our presence here rather than a nuisance or distraction to our living on the planet.
Money helps us carry out our goals. Money is not the goal.

We promise to...

  • Give 100 percent
  • Speak Our Truth
  • Choose quality over cost
  • Not be shy
  • Use the voice of the earth as our answers
  • Be generous
  • Imbue our food with love.
  • Connect
  • Play nice
  • Give more
  • Shine our light
  • Do our best
  • Make the planet a better place
  • Share in love and joy
  • Make the journey to self love shorter

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